What are vita gummies made of?

Gummy vitamins are usually made from gelatin, cornstarch, water, sugar, and added colorants. Traditionally, the manufacture of gummies uses sugar, citric acid, flavorings, glucose syrup, food coloring and jelly. Recipes may vary, and some vitamin gummy manufacturers use sugar substitutes to reduce calories or alternatives to jelly to make their products more appealing to vegetarians and vegans and those who follow strict religious dietary guidelines. He acknowledged that people are often skeptical about the ingredients used in vitamin gummies.

They often have to add food coloring. And citric acid to keep it stable. Manufacturers of vitamin gummies can mix several vitamins and minerals to make a multivitamin gummy or concentrate specific nutrients, such as vitamins C or D, or even calcium or magnesium. If someone takes several gummy supplements a day, many of which require you to eat two or three gummies to get a full dose of the nutrients included, all that sugar can build up.

Once the gummies are properly packaged, vitamin gummy manufacturers send them to distributors or retailers. Although each manufacturer of vitamin gummies follows their own recipe, the process of making gummies is very similar.

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