What are the benefits of gummy vites?

Why gummies work better than tablets Gummies are chewable and easy to swallow. They come in a variety of flavors, making them more appealing to children and adults. They can be worn on the go, making them perfect for busy people. Vitamins are better absorbed in a gummy format.

As practical as they are, gummy vitamins have several disadvantages. They owe their taste to sugar, erythritol, mannitol, isomalt and other sweeteners. Some manufacturers market their vitamin gummies without sugar, and have replaced this sweetener with citric acid. But in most cases, the citric acid in gummies is just as harmful because it wears away the enamel that protects your teeth.

They offer more vitamins and minerals than not taking any supplements. In addition, research shows that the body can absorb the nutrients in vitamins in gummies as easily as those found in traditional vitamins.

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